8 Key Men's Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer 2023

8 Key Men's Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer 2023


As warm weather is officially here now, it's time to hang up those jackets and hoodies. With many different fashion trends out there, in this blog article we will specifically discuss some fashion trends for men this year (Most of these styles/trends can also work for women as well). 

These popularized trends tend to come from opinions of others and ourselves. So do your best to take some of these ideas and mix them with your own tastes and styles. We understand everyone dresses differently, but we just want to help give you ideas on how to stay fresh and up to date with the world today. 

To begin, here are some trends we found popular and appealing to men this season. From baggy pants to oversized tees, here's what you need to know. 

Baggy Pants 

Baggy Pants - Men's 2023 Fashion Trends

It isn't anything new that slim, tight-fitting pants have began being replaced by more loose fitting clothing. Especially when it comes to pants, the baggy-looking fit has began to take over. We aren't only talking about jeans and dress pants, but even sweat pants. The wide legged bottoms and relaxed appearance have been trending this past year. Even names like Pete Davidson and Justin Bieber, have been pushing the baggy pants agenda.

Some benefits of wearing these style of bottoms, are more comfort and versatility. Baggy pants can go with just about any outfit and shoe selection if you do it right. They will fit more naturally and won't squeeze your legs like many pairs of skinny jeans and joggers tend to do. We aren't suggesting throwing out all tight fitting clothing, but it isn't a bad idea to add some loose fitting pants to your collection. 

Oversized Tees

Oversized T-Shirt - Men's Fashion Trends 2023

It's safe to say oversized t-shirts have became very popular as of late. Whether it is because of appearance or the fit, people are eating it up. Oversized graphic tees especially have seen growth and have become more apparent in the fashion industry. You will see almost any fashion brand, selling graphic t-shirts that are naturally larger than normal, and cover most of the upper arms.

Replacing those tight-fitting short tees, the more loose fitting shirts, also go together quite nicely with baggy pants. Whether you are going out for dinner one evening, or relaxing at home, an oversized t-shirt will bring you comfort and style. 

Low Top Basketball Shoes

Nike Dunk Low - Men's Fashion Trends 2023

We have all seen the significant blow up of Nike's Air Force 1 low over the last few years. This stems from everyone's love for low top basketball shoes. A good thing we like about low top shoes are that they are a perfect match for loose fitting pants.

Low top basketball sneakers can be found in just about any brand out there. Whether it is Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and Jordan, you will be able to find a pair that matches your tastes. We recommend the Nike Air Force 1 Low, Nike Dunk Low, New Balance 550, Jordan 1 Low, etc. 

A nice benefit about copping some low top basketball shoes are how versatile they are. You can literally wear them for just about anything. Working out, playing basketball or other sports, lunch and dinner dates, work, at home, or even hiking. Many of these low cut shoes are made for exercise and are comfortable to wear around. 

Tank Tops 

When it comes to hot temperatures this Summer, you're going to want to put on something light and cool. We suggest adding some tank tops to your closet. Whether it is simple black and white tank undershirts, or graphic tank-tops, it isn't a bad idea to have some on deck for warmer days outside. 

We have also seen many people wear tanks underneath their shirt. That way if you do get hot outside, you simply take your top shirt off and have the tank underneath. Trends in fashion show people style many button up shirts and jackets with tank tops underneath as well. 


Jorts - Men's Fashion Trends 2023

Jorts, or jean shorts, have made their return whether you like it or not. We know they're not for everyone, but at least give them a chance. Specifically this season, they are back, and even baggier than ever. We see many fashion enthusiasts wearing the loose-fitting, long jorts. NBA stars like Jordan Clarkson and Kevin Love were seen wearing different jorts before their games. 

Jean shorts also can go quite nicely with many different shirts and pairs of shoes. The oversized tees combined with jean shorts and basketball shoes would for sure be a killer outfit to put together. 

Monochrome Outfits 

Monochrome Outfits - Men's Fashion Trends 2023

Wearing the same one color from head to toe has not been cooler than it is now. Yes, even if it's a simple color like black, white, or gray, we promise you it looks good. At the same time, don't think you can only do this with neutral colors. Try some bright elegant colors like orange or green. 

Cargo Pants 

Cargo Pants - Men's Fashion Trends 2023

Although Summer is usually hot, don't hesitate to grab a nice pear of cargo pants for those cooler evenings. Especially once we transitional into Fall. Trust me, you'll find this trend very cool and just about anyone can pull it off. 

With so many different styles and colors of cargo pants, it's hard to go wrong. Cargos usually tend to be slightly baggy, which falls right into the trends with other shirts and pants. 


Hats - Men's Fashion Trends 2023

What else brings together a whole outfit then adding a hat to finish it off. Hats have been around forever, and they still are used for fashion today. There are so many unique types of hats out there for you try. Some examples are - trucker hat, snapbacks, flat bill baseball caps, or even a nice bucket hats for pool days.

Nothing is better than having a hat in the Summer to block out direct sunlight and also bring style to the table. 


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