Blog 02: First Product Launched

Blog 02: First Product Launched


Yesterday we released our very first piece on the website. We are so blessed and thankful for this opportunity. After months of preparation and planning, the website is now finally open for business. The new "FLO3 Blue World Fleece Zip" is flying off the shelves. With quality material and thickness for warmth, and a unique design, this jacket is one of our favorite projects. Along with this, we added a black signature t-shirt for only $9.99. We thank all of you for the early support and feedback.



As we continue to progress as a company, we want to maintain relationships with you guys. You will always matter the most in our eyes. If you ever have recommendations or other feedback, we would love to hear it. FLO3 is still an early company, and we understand things take time to perfect. 



Our brand new blue zip-up hoodies have a significant meaning behind them. On the front you will find our signature in the left corner. We also chose to have a metal zipper, so it will last forever and add value. With two front pockets, and a large hood with strings, these jackets will keep you warm. The back of the hoodie has our world design featuring the FLO3 "threes" arranged to create continents. These number threes also represent each one of you living around the world. No matter where you reside, you are serving a beneficial purpose to our planet. The baby blue color is dedicated to my mom. That has always been her favorite color. She is the one who made me into who I am today. We hope you guys enjoy these hoodies as much as we do. We look forward to having more color options available in the future! 



Here in Ohio, we can feel Spring creeping up on us. Me personally, I cannot wait for warmer weather to get here. Although our winter hasn't been horrible, I am ready for summer to get here. I am excited to announce the beginning of a new collection we plan to drop in the summer of 2023. This summer collection will feature a trucker hat, pair of shorts, and a t-shirt. With me in control of the designing, I plan to dig deep and create some very unique designs. Look for this collection to drop within the early months of summer. 



Although we had planned to release the "SWUD" hoodies in January of 2023, delays have occurred. Our production team has been adjusting a few things and it has taken longer than expected. Just know that once the hoodies are on-hand, we will put them on the site for you to access. These hoodies will come in a red and white color with the design embroidered on. Check out our social media pages to see the design. Two free stickers will be coming with any purchase (red or white). 



FLO3 again thanks you if you are supporting us. If you have made it this far on the blog, congrats, I see you. Let's keep going with the flo. 

Love and blessings,

FLO3 Clothing 

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