Blog 04: A Collection Made For Summer

Blog 04: A Collection Made For Summer

With Summer officially kicking off, we decided it was time to release a new collection for you guys. Introducing the "S23 Collection" which is now available on our website today. The idea behind these pieces, were to create things that were colorful for summer, creative and unique, and had meaning. Throughout the collection you will see a color scheme of neon green, white, and black. All of these colors come together and complement each other. The S23 flower graphic, is also a signature addition to all the items in the collection. This hand-drawn flower was designed to symbolize the relationship between human and nature. Simply put, we all as people grow in different ways at different times. Never rush the process, and stay patient in your life. "Every flower blooms in its own time".


In this new collection we are confident you will find something to add to your closet. The FLO3 S23 Graphic T-Shirt, consists of a white colored shirt, with black and green flowers puff-printed throughout. You will also find our hand-signed branding small under the collar in black. On the back of the shirt, the flowers continue to be drawn out, with our signature larger at the bottom in the neon green color. This shirt is completely puff-print and is meant to be unique, and stand out from other graphic t-shirts on the market. It is 20% cotton, 80% polyester, and fits true to size. 


To match the shirt, we created the FLO3 S23 Athletic Shorts. These stylish shorts are designed to be lightweight and breathable. Perfect for working out, running, kicking back, or even wearing around the house. We manufactured these to be comfortable and fit the best. That is why we included drawstrings for best fitting, along with hand pockets for convenient storage. Design wise, you will notice our FLO3 signature across the front of the shorts in neon green, along with the S23 flower graphic in the bottom corner. With these athletic shorts running slightly small, we recommend sizing up for a more natural fit. 


The last but not least piece in our S23 Collection, is the FLO3 S23 Trucker Hat. Showing off a black and white look, this hat completes the whole set and is perfect for you hat-lovers out there. On our new trucker hat, you will see the FLO3 official signature embroidered on the front (in black). Along with this, the S23 flower graphic is embroidered on the side (in white). We decided to add one last thing to the hat, and that was the "GO WITH THE FLO". This is our motto/slogan and means so much to us. See this on the back of the trucker hat. With a snapback for best fitting, and holes in the material for breathability, this hat is only $15.00 and will redefine the way you see fashion! 


After spending so many hours, and days working on this new collection, we are finally excited to introduce it to you guys. Each piece compliments the other one and creates such a defining fashion look. We thank you for the support and hope you enjoy the S23 Collection. Spread the word and tell as many people that you can about our new release! We are doing our best to grow and expand as time continues to tick. By supporting us, you are making me and my sister's dreams come true. Being a family-owned small business, it has been a long, hard start for us. We will continue to create new pieces for you guys, and will never give up!! Stay tuned for upcoming drops and thank you again for supporting us. Happy Summer!! 





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