Blog 01: Who is FLO3 Clothing?

Blog 01: Who is FLO3 Clothing?


To kick things off, our team wants to wish you a Happy 2023! We hope you enjoyed the holidays with your loved ones, and are ready for a great year. If you're reading this, you most likely don't know a lot about us yet. For starters, we are FLO3; a clothing company based out of Northeast Ohio. Fairly new to the industry, our team has been working diligently over these last couple of months on many projects. We cannot wait to show them to you guys soon.


Our company is owned and operated by two family members, one of which is me. We created FLO3 Clothing in early October of 2022. With the company being fairly new, we aim to stand out from others in the industry. Our main goal and emphasis, is to be always be different. Because, why would any consumer want to spend money on clothes that are boring and look like every other brand on the market? We want our audience to actually relate to the art, and find it appealing.

The following is a short phrase that our brand finds meaningful; "Two people, one goal". This can be seen as a short tagline, but it serves a big purpose. That purpose directly correlates to my co-owner and I. By working together as a team, the two of us will be capable of achieving our main goal. With there being two different people working on the brand, we will be able to do so much more for you guys. Being the head designer of FLO3, I can promise that new ideas will be created on a weekly basis.


I think we can all agree, as consumers, we probably wouldn't purchase anything from a brand, in less we knew who they were or what they represented. That is why I want to take the time to explain who FLO3 is, and what our name represents. You're probably wondering how we came up with such a name for a clothing brand. Let me just say, there was a lot of creative thought put into it. The word, "FLO", means to go with the flow. Take things as they come to you, and never worry about having everything figured out so quickly. As people, we need to remember that life is a long journey, and everything is not always in our control. We can't control unexpected incidents or accidents in our lives. If all possible, keep a positive outlook, and realize that it could always be worse. In order to find peace and comfort, it's beneficial to learn how to go with the flow from time to time.

So why is there a number three randomly placed at the end of our name? The number three in our name also has reason for there. Now, this number can have a lot of other meanings; The Holy Trinity, mind-body-soul, unity, and much more. For us though, we use the three in relation to our tagline, (Two people, one goal). The two (people) and one (goal) come together to create the number three.


We have our first clothing product just about ready for you guys. The manufacturer is working on completing the sample, and bulk order. Waiting patiently for the finished masterpiece, our FLO3 design team (aka me), has also been working on other creations.

If you didn't know already, embroidered hoodies will be our first official release. These will be available on the website at a later date. The site is completed, and we will plan to open it to the public when we have our first products on hand. On these hoodies, you will be able to choose between red or white, and select your preferred size as well. The inspiration behind this design, comes from those who spend many hours of the day, or night, working towards their dreams and ambitions. This constant grind can result in little to no sleep. Some examples of this behavior might include; studying to earn a degree, training for a big game, perfecting a craft, or even working overtime at a job. These hoodies are inspired by, and made for those type of individuals. We have titled the collection, "SWUD" or "$LEEP WHEN UR DEAD". As a bonus, we will be including custom stickers, and business cards with every order. All orders will be shipping out of Ohio, United States, right to your door step.

FLO3 will have plenty of other merch available in the near future, so stay tuned. The team will make sure to update you as frequently as possible. For news, updates, and more, make sure to subscribe to our email list via website, and follow all of our social media channels!


FLO3 wants to thank you ahead of time for the support and early interest. Being a brand, we simply cannot exist without you. FLO3 cannot wait to build long-lasting relationships with each of you as we move forward.

Love and blessings,

FLO3 Clothing

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