About Us

In late 2022, FLO3 was founded by my sister and I. Established in Ohio, we both decided on one goal for the brand; Be different, and create clothing that is appealing and easy to relate to. 

Growing up, I was always very intrigued by art and design. My passion for art was discovered at a young age, and really stuck with me ever since. Throughout my early years in school, I took many art classes. Being a quiet kid, art really helped me express my thoughts and ideas. I knew this would be something I would want to do for the rest of my life. Most people would always say that with art, you can't make a living off of it. But, I ignored those comments and knew I would be able to find a career where I could utilize my set of skills one day. So as I got older, I went on to college and ended up pursuing a career as a Graphic Designer. Once I graduated in 2021, a lot of new opportunities opened up to me. 

I ended up getting my first job shortly after graduating, but I still continued to design things outside of work. I actually found a stronger passion for this, because I had more creative freedom. A clothing brand had been something I thought about for a few years. At the time though, I came to the realization that it would require a lot of time and money. I just wasn't ready yet. So, I brushed the clothing brand idea under the rug. As time went on, maybe a year or so later, I recall sitting at work and it just came to me. Something was telling me to start this brand. I remember mentioning something to my sister about it later that day. She thought it was a good idea. Crazy enough, she also was considering starting her own brand too! So, me and my sister decided to join together and create the brand. That very day, we founded FLO3 Clothing. I just want to shout out my sister, for being a huge help assisting me with designs for the clothing. Anyways, soon after we created our brand, we brainstormed the following taglines; "Two people, one goal", and "Go with the flow". We decided these short sentences were perfect for who we were, and what we wanted to communicate.

Let me explain what our name means exactly. "FLO", means to go with the flow. Basically, take things as they come to you, and try not to worry about having everything figured out so quick. Life itself is a long journey, and everything is not always in our control. If you want peace, happiness, and comfort, it's beneficial to learn how to "go with the flow" from time to time. The "FL" in our name can also relate to my sister and I's legal last name (Flinner). Lastly we can't forget about the number 3. This number was specifically chosen to be apart of our name because of the tagline; "Two people, one goal". One day we suddenly realized the 3 can be formed by adding the two (people) and one (goal) together. It was just meant to be, because three has also been my favorite number throughout the years.